Friday, September 7, 2012

Using Query Expression in Silverlight Web Resource

During my work on MS CRM 2011 I have most of my work is on Silverlight web resource and here in this post I will list how to use the query expression in your Silverlight web resource. This will be series of article which will explain difference scenarios regarding question expression.First I will start with basic of the query expression and will guide you how to add create CRM grid in Silverlight web resource.

  1. Fetch/Retrieve Entity Using Query Expression 
  2. Showing Busy Indicator while processing Background 
  3. Paging Data Using Query Expression
  4. Adding Conditions in Query Expression   
  5. Retrieving Child Entity Columns Using Query Expression
  6. Retrieve record by Using Many-To-Many Relation (Query Expression)
  7. Reading User Settings by User Id
  8. Reading Organization Settings
I will keep update this post as I write new post related to the query expression.

Metadata retrieval
  1. Retrieving Entity Metadata 
  2. Retrieving Entity Attribute Metadata  
  3. Reading OptionSet Items Key/value Using MetaData Request   
Note: The data grid style used in this example is taken from following link

All and any comments / bugs / suggestions are welcomed!

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