Monday, December 5, 2011

Add/Remove OptionSet Value at Run time Microsoft Crm 2011

           In my post "Loop through OptionSet Using Javascript in Microsoft CRM 2011" regarding how to read all the values in the optionSet of the Microsoft Crm 2011 one of the read post question "Would you know how to remove an option from the list getOptions(), because I want the picklist to show only what needed". So in this post I will give you idea how to add remove optionSet using JavaScript.

            For the test code I have used the account entity and from account entity I have choose "Preferred Day" and  "Preferred Time" attributes because these attribute are already added when you create only organization which for trial for 30 day. You can see the selected attributes in the Image 1.

Image 1
JavaScript code is listed in the List 1 here you can see first I have get the selected text of the Preferred Day attribute by using getText and store it in the variable which will then used in the comparison. Then in the next line  I have get the Preferred Time option set control and store it in the variable and then by using that variable get all the optionSet of the Proffered Time optionSet and store it in another variable with name "optionSets". Next I have called clearOptions function to remove all the options from the Preferred time Option set.
List 1

Next is the simple check of the Preferred Day text which user selected. I have set First option which is the Morning for the Monday , Afternoon for the Tuesday and Evening for the Wednesday , All option for the Thursday and first two option for the Friday. Here are some of the screen shots when user click the Monday there are only two option one is the empty and second is the Morning as you can see in the Image 2.
Image 2
And in Image 3 you can see the all option when user select Thursday from the Preferred Day option set.
Image 3
In above JavaScript code I have just use the addOption to add option in the option set which take the option set and the location where to add the option set in the OptionSet dropdown.
All and any comments / bugs / suggestions are welcomed!


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var optionsSets = preferredTimeOptionSet.getAttribute().getOptions();

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