Saturday, November 13, 2010

Browser Information In Silverlight

In this post I will show you how to get the browser information.To get the browser information the namespace used for this is System.Windows.Browser. The BrowserInformation object contains properties such as the name, product name, product version , browser version etc. Let us start with the example which will use to get this information and display on the screen which I will share with you at the end of the post I will use two screen shot one for the Internet explorer and the second one for the Fire Fox.
For this Example I have create one class with the name BrowserInfo  which has the properties like BrowserName , BrowerVersion, Platform, ProductName, UserAgent of type string , IsCookiesEnabled of type Boolean to indicate whether Cookies are enabled or not , BrowserMinorVersion and BrowserMajorVersion are of type int.You can see the default constructor of the BrowserInfo class which is used to initialize all the properties of the class.

public BrowserInfo() { BrowserName = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.Name; BrowserVersion = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.BrowserVersion.ToString(); BrowserMajorVersion = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.BrowserVersion.Major; BrowserMinorVersion = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.BrowserVersion.Minor; IsCookiesEnabled = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.CookiesEnabled; Platform = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.Platform; ProductName = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.ProductName; ProductVersion = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.ProductVersion; UserAgent = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation.UserAgent; }
List 1

In the code you can see that BrowserName property is assigned the value of the Name in the BrowserInformation object which is the static member of the HtmlPage static class which is reside in the System.Windows.Browser namespace. The Name property of the BrowserInformation return the version of the browser technology that the current browser is based on.The browser technology name is typically different from the browser product name. CookiesEnabled property of BrowserInformation object indicate whether the browser supports cookies or not. The ProductName property of the BrowserInformation object get the product name of the browser.The browser product name is the familiar name of the browser, such as "FireFox".
You can see the output of the two different browser One for the internet explorer and second one is by using the Fire fox you can see the different properties of the two browsers.

Fire Fox
Internet Explorer
You can also see the Major and Minor version of the browser as shown in the screen shots. The UserAgent property will Gets the user agent string of the browser.The Platform property will return name of the operating system that the browser is running on. You can use these properties to developer application like the Google analysis or you can use them to show the trend of your site the user operation system the browser name etc.

All and any comments / bugs / suggestions are welcomed!

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looks like it just read window.navigator object right?