Saturday, May 29, 2010

Built-in WPF IValueConverters

Here is the list of Built-in WPF converters. First is the list of Converter which are derived from IValueConverter interface.
AlternationConverterConverts an integer to and from an object by applying the integer as an index to a list of objects.
BooleanToVisibilityConverterRepresents the converter that converts Boolean values to and from Visibility enumeration values.
JournalEntryListConverter This type or member supports the Microsoft .NET infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
ZoomPercentageConverter Implements a type converter for converting Double (used as the value of DocumentViewer.Zoom) to and from other types.
And here is the list of Converter which are derived from IMultiValueConverter interface.

BorderGapMaskConverter Represents a converter that converts the dimensions of a GroupBox control into a VisualBrush.
JournalEntryUnifiedViewConverter JournalEntryUnifiedViewConverter merges navigation back history and navigation forward history (as exposed by Frame or NavigationWindow) into a single, Windows Internet Explorer 7-style navigation menu.
MenuScrollingVisibilityConverter Represents a data-binding converter to handle the visibility of repeat buttons in scrolling menus.
ProgressBarBrushConverter Creates the Brush used to draw the ProgressBar.
ProgressBarHighlightConverterCreates a DrawingBrush used to draw the highlighting for the ProgressBar.

If you have information regarding build-in converter then do tell me I will include it in the list. So that all the build-in converter can be found on same location.

All and any comments / bugs / suggestions are welcomed!

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Lamarth said...

What about ColorConverter?