Friday, November 14, 2008

Visual Studio Theme

I was always looking for new look in every think like window theme, and in web applications and want to create and search new look of the web applications on the net and spends hours and hours, I also use to try new thing in the Visual Studio editor as well, the one thing which i do whenever i use new pc for development or i install new visual studio is to change the font and the color of the string in between double quotes and i like string in the format like
"This is the Test String"

After my Search on net i have found serveral theme regarding visual studio 2005 you can try yourself and download from here and also look at this link as well.

as i have downloaded my favorite and using it :)

How to Use Theme ?

First you have to download one of your favorite theme fromt the link i have mention above and you will get the zip file which you have to extract and you will ge "Darkness.vssettings" . and here are the steps you have to follow thAdd Imageese steps.

Go to the Tools->Option and then
Step 1: Select Import and Export Settings
Step 2: Check the "Use Team Settings file" option
Step 3: Click the Browse button to locate your File.vsssettiongs file

Enjoy new theme.

1 comment:

Awais said...

i've been using the dark theme for over 6 months now... no strain on the eyes... not many actually believe it... but have got to try it out first...

asim, it would be better if you use iconsolata font [], i mentioned you earlier.