Monday, June 22, 2009

This Week in jQuery, vol. 1

While reading about the latest of the jquery from the jquery blog, I have read the series of blog post on the jquery side. From the first post of the "This week in Jquery " series, what I like most about this series is that it give latest new related to the jquery, plug-in and there bug fix etc. While reading the first post of this series, what I about this post is that masked input plug-in and
OS X Dashboard Widgets with jQuery and many more Here is the complete article for you hope you will also like it.
This is the first in what we’re hoping to be a weekly series of blog posts about what is going on in the world of jQuery. We’ll take a look at new or updated plugins, recent tutorials, and other jQuery-related news.

Jonathan Chaffer and I (Karl Swedberg) just had our book Learning jQuery 1.3 published by Packt Publishing. It’s an update of the popular Learning jQuery book, which was released nearly two years ago. The new one features additions to the library (event namespacing, JSONP, new effects methods, etc.) introduced since the release of the first book, improved and extended examples, expanded plugins chapters, and a quick reference to all methods and selectors. It’s available on the Packt website and on


JSMag, a promising new magazine for JavaScript developers, just published their first issue. The magazine’s goal is to provide “quality JavaScript content to educate, motivate and inspire you in your work with JavaScript.” PDF-only issues are US$4.99 each, with bulk licensing discounts starting at 30% off the individual price. Contents of the first issue include:

  • Debugging JavaScript without alert()
  • Introduction to ExtJS
  • Community News
  • Unit testing with YUI
  • What’s new in jQuery 1.3
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript

Check out a sample (PDF) from the first issue.


Among the ever-growing selection of jQuery plugins, a few perennial favorites were updated this week. Ariel Flesler released version 1.2.7 of his LocalScroll plugin, which animates anchor navigation within a web page. Mika Tuupola updated his Jeditable plugin, for seamless in-place editing, with a number of “callback hooks” and a few bug fixes. Josh Bush’s new version of Masked Input includes bug fixes and a few feature enhancements as well.

After looking for a simple, fast and flexible grid/spreadsheet component, Michael Liebman decided to roll his own. This week he put out a call for contributors, seeking “experienced developers who can pick this up and turn it into something that everybody can use,” perhaps by converting it into a plugin. The code can be found at

Steve Reynolds has posted a tutorial on how to create OS X Dashboard Widgets with jQuery. For those who want to know “What in the heck is JSONP and why would you use it?” Raymond Camden gives you the answers on the O’Reilly Inside RIA blog (hint: cross-domain ajax).

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