Sunday, May 3, 2009

WPF Double Animation Lab

In my Post on Jquery Sliding Animation using WPF I have explain the sliding animation which is used in the jquery. In that post I have explain in dept what is the double animation and what are important property when need to be set when double animation is used for the control. Now for this post I have try to develop the Test Lab which is used to produce different animation in one example instead of write the one post per animation.
For the example code below is the image of the main form of the application. Here you can see in the main form that I have two combo box control one is used to set the horizontal alignment of the control and the second one is used to set the vertical alignment of the control (control which is used to animate and will be discuss later). After the combo box controls I have added three radio button control, the name of the radio buttons are Height , width and the both (height and width). If you select the height radio button then the control will be animated only height wise and if you select the width then the control will be animated width wise but if you select the both radio button then the control will be animated both height and width wise.

Now come to the control which will be animated. I have used the border control for the animation and I have set the background color and the border color of the border control to purple color. As you can see in the above image. One more control which is left but is most important control which is the button control which is used to start animation. In the Button click event handler the first statement I have write is to disable button control before animation and when animation completed then I have enable the button control. The reason of disabling the button control at the start of animation and then enabling the button control when animation completed , so that you get familiarity of the animation completed event handler which is fired when the animation is completed.You can download the source code from here.Download the source code Test the animations. By using this test lab you can produce the sliding , blind etc animation just by changing the vertical and horizontal alignment of the control

All and any comments / bugs / suggestions are welcomed!

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