Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to retrieve the Owner values in CRM 2011 Using JavaScript

In this short post I will show you how to get the values of the ownerid in Microsoft Dyanimics Crm 2011. You can see the code is listed in the List 1. Here you can see that I have get the id of the owner and name of the owner type and typename and also entityname.

List 1

You can see that I have get the 0 index value of the owner. Here  I have display the id, entitytype,  name , type and typename of the ownerid. id will be the GUID of the owner and name will be the full name of the owner.

All and any comments / bugs / suggestions are welcomed !


Unknown said...

To get the Owner id should be:


Note the lowercase "id" in contrast to what was published above.

Asim Sajjad said...

@Unknown: I have tested above code before posting it here :)

Anonymous said...

unknown was right


Id didn't work

Asim Sajjad said...

Anonymous and unknow: sorry I was wrong I have corrected mentioned issue, thanks for your feedback

Manju said...

Thanks all, its working fine.. keep posting